Curious & Inspired

The Hawk

He was close enough I could see his armature, his chest like finely layered lace, his feathers like ligature on sheet music. I couldn’t imagine his weight, but his presence had weight. He looked at me with just one eye small and marbled. A yearning, a missing? Above him the clouds breathed, tumbled, broke. The […]

Kabuki Baths

  When I can stop thinking about how old I am, how my stomach has tucks, curves, soft places, my face, lines, shadows that didn’t use to be there. When I can stop the sounds of advertisements in my head for age-defying wrinkle-free creams. When I can stop thinking about how my knees creak, or […]

Dia de los Muertos

Lupe kneels on the cool red-tiled patio floor loosening orange petals, divining a journey of flowers out her door, out of her courtyard, out the front gate. Debemos de guiara los espíritus. The air warm, pungent. Smoke lingering from last night’s mesquite fire. Lupe, her husband, and their two young girls erect an altar: marigolds, […]

Wine Notes

  At Trefethen we tasted wine at a long live edged table light balancing off wine barrels that surrounded us. The notes in front of us spoke of “bright, pineapple, peach, lingering aromas of cut apple, gardenia, tarragon, spicy on the palette” another wine, “an elegant nose of violets, plums, cherries, hints of forest floor […]

Tiny Beauty

The stone brown owl from Japan, painted tile from Deruta, a Ginko leaf picked up on a pathway in Japan. Tiny memories pressed into books, set on a table, placed on a window sill. A child’s dimpled finger, tiny birds with yellow wings dipping their beaks in cool water. Lazy lizards scurrying under rocks, crawling […]
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