About Sharon Smith

Writer, poet, cook, event planner, and constant promoter of chefs and restaurants.

Sharon Smith portrait by David Wakely

Sharon Smith portrait by David Wakely

Among other projects, Sharon Smith co-authored Savoring San Francisco: Recipes from City’s Neighborhood Restaurants , designed and produced the book Markets of Provence; A Culinary Tour of Southern France (9 printings), and produced the Food Writers Retreat in Umbria and Santa Barbara. Much of her inspiration comes from her travels in France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Mexico, Japan and the American Southwest.

WakelySharonInSicily01In addition, Sharon worked for Fortune Public Relations, a renowned firm specializing in restaurant and food product promotion and publicity, as well as with Draeger’s Culinary Center and Context Marketing.

She  served on the board of the San Francisco Professional Food Society, she has been a member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals, where she has worked four years as a judge for the culinary awards program.

Sharon Smith has art directed, designed and produced over 450 books and many book catalogs; managed photographers, illustrators, calligraphers and typesetters and received numerous design awards.

Food, Travel, Books and the Creative Spirit

Curiosity, a craving for new experiences, and a drive to share them are the threads that connect Sharon’s varied endeavors. She founded Savorsmith to pull all the threads together in a business based on everything she loves—food, travel, books, and the creative spirit.

“Sharon Smith explores all the bounty that this wonderful world offers us and serves it up for the rest of us to savor.” Susan Arthur, Susan Arthur Communications

Sharon lives in San Francisco with her husband and frequent collaborator, architectural photographer David Wakely.  She savors the city restaurant scene and enjoys cooking, gardening, writing and drawing at her weekend home in West Sonoma County. She fills her heart weekly as a volunteer with Food Runners and is a champion of, and volunteer at Creativity Explored.

Sharon’s Published Books

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