Tiny Beauty

Poetry, Published


The stone brown owl from Japan,
painted tile from Deruta,
a Ginko leaf picked up on a pathway
in Japan. Tiny memories pressed into books,
set on a table, placed on a window sill.
A child’s dimpled finger,
tiny birds with yellow wings
dipping their beaks in cool water.
Lazy lizards scurrying under rocks,
crawling through the grasses.
Colorful pebbles on beaches,
yellow, red, blue, shiny wetness.
Rings in ponds made by curious fish.
Tiny sounds. The first rain
tapping lightly on the window glass,
perching on my spectacles.
A whispered prayer.  A quiet yawn.
Fuzz on peaches, salt on popcorn,
tiny bright spices, pungent colors
sizzling in the hot frying pan,
a sip of cool water, the first bite
of a warm muffin.

From the Depths Literary Journal, publication of Haunted Waters Press, Summer 2004

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