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Diamond L

It was short-lived, an ill-fated love affair. After leaving Michael for good, I placed an ad on the ride board in the Student Union at Kalamazoo College to see if I could find myself a companion for the trip back to California and help with the gas. When I spoke to Clara, she seemed right. […]

Fairy Dust

This imagined story is a tribute to a family that I greatly admire.  The tree was full of clay handprints, golden stars, tiny churches, red, green and blue shiny balls. Almost all the ornaments had stories like a charm bracelet. Many of them came from their childhoods. The tree filled the picture window with lights crisscrossing the […]


It was his first day in his new role. A role he had not expected. All three knew the family had shrunk by one. It was going to be him, solo dad, and his two small children. Dinner tonight would be pizza. He would order a big one: a simple margherita: mozzarella and tomato sauce, […]

Held news!

My book Held: A Father Lost and Found will be published by Red Bird Chapbooks in 2018. I couldn’t be happier. Held is the story of my journey of losing my father and finding him again through poetry and prose. It takes place in Japan, Argentina and California. It’s Haibun and design sensibility is […]

Bat Story

It flew quickly around my living room. Small, black, bigger than an insect. A bird? A bat! But it was daytime. It was a bat, and it was darting about. I remembered last time there was one in the house. Again I was alone. That time scared, not knowing what to do. Open the door […]
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