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Martins: A Special Place

Martin de Porres, House of Hospitality, a venerable soup kitchen, is all about love. Each person who comes to Martin’s is treated like a guest, made to feel at home, safe and as a consequence loved. It is a special place where the interaction between the volunteers and guests, many who have been helping out […]


I started running again. Not what you think. Another kind of running. Picking up and delivering food for Food Runners. In 2000, I became a Food Runners Volunteer while co-authoring a cookbook about restaurants, and have been running ever since. For years I ran once a week. With all the wonderful food I buy, cook, […]

When I Think About Immigration

  When I think about immigration, I think about Manuel. I find myself back in college many years ago living in a place where many Latinos cooked our food in the dining commons. Manuel, a big burly guy with a wide smile, was one of those people whom I had gotten to know. We became […]


  I saw a small wooden cross tied to a tree when coming up 101 towards Petaluma. The traffic was bumper to bumper. I was in the passenger seat and happened to glance towards the trees. I saw it there, lonely, askew, some flowers wilted, tied there. Evidence of a loss from another time, a […]

Creativity Explored

The first time I walked into Creativity Explored six years ago. I was hooked. James Montgomery was sitting on the steps. He had wristwatches up his arm and more spilling out of a pouch around his neck. He pointed to them with his wide grin, then moved aside so I could enter the gallery. I […]
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